We want you healthy.

Partners at Synpath believe every human has the right to live healthy lives. And Synpath was founded upon the idea to protect the right for as many people in the globe as possible. As an investment company, Synpath will invest in industries, companies, people, and ideas that attempt to bring our partners beliefs into reality.

The name of the company represents the value we seek.
We search for synergies among industries, companies, people, and ideas to provide the most valuable path forward.

Shin-Jip-Bang(新集方) was the name of the first medical book that was introduced abroad in Korean history. Medical knowledge from China and Korea were brought together to create the book and it was introduced to Japan.

Founders of Synpath translated Shin-Jip-Bang as a way of finding a new path through synergy between existing and new ideas, and named the company as it is by combining the words, Synergy and Path. ​Synpath attempts to succeed the idea of Shin-Jip-Bang by continuously searching for synergies among industries, companies, people, and ideas and providing the most valuable path towards accomplishing our mission of protecting the right for the people to live healthy lives.    



Address311, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea